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Gig Guide

DateTimeEvent WhereDetails
Sunday 18 August 15:00 Beautiful Days Festival Escot Park, Devon The Levellers' independent family music festival, now running for 16 years. Tinkers Lane will perform in the Rebel Tent.
Saturday 24 August 21:00 MK11 Keller Close, Stony Stratford The Adele tribute has been postponed. Who better to step into the gap?
Sunday 25 August 11:00 Foodies Festival South Parks, Oxford The UK's biggest food festival. We're supporting Scouting for Girls.
Friday 30 August 18:00 Private Party near Olney
Thursday 12 September 20:30 The IndieGo Show The Two Brewers, Olney A wide range of talented local acts with finale from Tinkers Lane
Sunday 15 September The Big Olney Food Festival Olney Market Square Another big food festival. In Olney.
Friday 4 October 20:30 Olney-Newton Link fundraiser The Two Brewers, Olney Raising money to support education in Sierre Leone

Who We Are

Tinkers Lane are a five-piece band full of exceptional talent and high performance quality. They move effortlessly from intimate love songs to melodic upbeat summer tunes that will have you dancing and dreaming of a better and more colourful world. It really is music that breaks the mould: their captivating social commentary is outstanding, they understand community and how human interaction really works, they bring people together in search of a positive loving and more peaceful planet, they have a remarkable eye for those personal moments that shape all of our lives, and all of this is wrapped up in deliciously melodic uplifting songs that are full of love and harmony. "All you need is love" really is their mantra.

Living in the leafy streets of north Buckinghamshire they will tell you that the love revolution will start on their doorstep and weave into good hearts that will carry and spread throughout the world to act as a viral vaccination against all of the greed and hate. And who'd argue against that?

Check Soundcloud to get a flavour of the danceable pop that they can provide for your venue, party or fundraiser.