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Gig Guide

DateTimeEvent WhereDetails
Sunday 9 June 14:20 Folk On The Green Horsefair Green in Stony Stratford The longest-running open-access music festival in the country, probably
Sunday 7 July 15:25 Olney Riverfest Riverside Field, Olney A happy festival based around duck and raft racing, food and drink. Sunshine almost guaranteed.
Saturday 13 July 15:00 Bell and Bear Beer Festival Bell and Bear, High Street, Emberton Come and support an excellent community-owned pub in a perfect village.
Sunday 11 August 12:00 CowperFest The Cowper's Oak, Weston Underwood Ian's local, a great venue. Lovely village, good atmosphere, fine beer.

Who We Are

Tinkers Lane are a five-piece band playing the original songs of frontman Ian Roberts. The music ranges from intimate love songs to melodic upbeat summer tunes that will have you dancing and dreaming of a better world. Catchy tunes combine with perceptive, poetic lyrics underpinned by a yearning for love and social justice. A Tinkers Lane gig is a journey across genres, spanning pop, rock'n'roll, country, reggae, latin and rockney, always with a happy, uplifting sound that is uniquely their own.

The band has played at festivals and venues including:

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The Songs page will give you a flavour of what we're about.

The Noise Is Beautiful

Our album, The Noise Is Beautiful, contains ten of the catchy, happy songs that have delighted crowds from Bedford to Devon. Click here to listen, or go to your favourite streaming service and search "Tinkers Lane". And then click here to buy your very own CD copy to have, hold and enjoy for ever.